Project Proposal

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Type: Group Assignment


This assignment is Part 1 of the Final Project. Be sure to read the entire specification of the final project before beginning your proposal!

If you choose to work in a group, be sure to review our Code of Conduct and be careful to adhere to it when working on the assignment. Keep in mind that you and all your partners must be authors of all submitted files and are strongly encouraged to only work on the assignment when you are with your partners.


You are to submit a 1-2 page written project proposal and a 1-2 page storyboard for your Final Project.

Your storyboard should be a graphical description of the “flow” of your game or simulation or visualization. It should contain several sketches that show the different parts of the game, simulation, or visualization. For instance, if you are writing a rainforest simulation, your first sketch might be of the starting rainforest scene; subsequent sketches would show how the rainforest scene changes in response to various inputs, or changes over time. Similarly, if you are writing a game, your first sketch might be the computer screen with the initial game screen; subsequent sketches would show what the screen would display for various moves made by the player and/or computer; and the final sketch would show what happens when the game ends.

Your project proposal should either be a plain text document or in a PDF file format and it should include the following information:

  • Your name and your partners’ name(s) (if applicable). You may choose to work alone or in groups of two or three. (I recommend groups of two.)
  • The game, simulation, or visualization you plan to implement for your final project. Include a brief description of the game and its rules (or, for the simulation, what it aims to show and a basic overview of how it will run).
  • Any datasets you plan to use in your project (if applicable)
  • Your development plan: what classes and/or functions do you anticipate you will need to write, the order in which you will implement and test these, etc. The class descriptions should list things like instance variables, methods (and their parameters/return values) and what the methods will accomplish, etc. Similarly, any standalone functions (outside of classes) should clearly list the required parameters and return values, and outline the task(s) they will accomplish. You should also describe how the classes/functions will work together.
  • A description of your preferred outcome, satisficing outcome, and reach outcome for the project.

Your proposal should employ correct grammar and spelling.

How to Turn in Your Proposal

a. Your project proposal must be in plain text or PDF format.

b. Make sure that you and your partners are clearly identified at the top of every document you have created for this assignment.

c. Your proposal document and storyboard must be turned in via email to with the following:

  • Any datasets you plan to use attached (if applicable).
  • A subject of [CS 65] Project Proposal. Please send the email with exactly this subject (including the [ and ] characters); it helps me sort through them more efficiently.
  • All of your partners CC’d on the email so they have access to the submission, too!


Some of the text from this assignment was originally written by Amy Csizmar Dalal at Carleton College and used with permission.